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To my maternal grandmother

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

So, one of my biggest struggles was nonfictional story writing. It was so easy to make up a story line and add drama and interest where it was needed. How can you write reality like that if it wasn't as exciting? I didn't think that my life was all that adventurous, and I had a hard time bringing forth exciting memories. It took some time, but I recalled a few memories I thought were worth sharing.

In my nonfiction short writing class, I decided to challenge myself by doing micro essays. I believe I am good at details in my stories, so micro essays would challenge me to paint a visual image of a memory in only 300 words. When it came to picking the topic of my micro essays, instead of thinking about several topics, I decided to do a collection of micro essays on one topic, on one person: my grandmother.

As I wrote these micro essays, I realized that I haven't fully grieved the loss of my maternal grandmother. She died in 2013. I won't get into too many details about her because I want you guys to get an image of her and her journey through my micro essays.

Below, I have attached the first three micro essays. You can read them in any order.


Her Pocketbook
Download DOCX • 20KB
Last Stop
Download DOCX • 20KB
Parade Season
Download DOCX • 13KB

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