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Updated: Dec 6, 2021

I've learned various forms of literature and philosophy throughout my "Humanities" journey. Although the papers were class assignments, each paper contains my thoughts, interpretations, and feelings on the subject matter. I believe my thoughts and how well I supported said thoughts are important.

It's interesting how much pride I take in the papers I present in graduate school compared to my papers in undergrad. When I think about it, I know I was capable of turning in great work; however, I turned in "okay" work. I wasn't failing or turning in terrible papers, nothing like that. My undergrad papers didn't have any soul. There wasn't a piece of me in those papers; they were hollow shells. Nothing but a bunch of words on a bunch papers. When I started grad school, it wasn't like that at all. I felt every word I typed, I resonated with every key stroke, every indention. My graduate papers had "Janay Major" through every paragraph. It was me on those printed sheets.

Each research piece is in relation to all things "Humanities".

Every literary piece showcases my journey through graduate school.

Below, I have three research pieces I would like to share. One pertains to metaphysics, one pertaining to idealism and empiricism, and one pertaining to anti blackness in American society.


Religion in Idealism and Empiricism Fina
Download • 44KB
Metaphysical Research Paper copy
Download DOCX • 43KB
The Skin I'm In Paper
Download DOCX • 34KB

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